Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Restaurant Reviews

This blog about Madison cuisine is making me feel bad. It is more complete and comprehensive than my posts and what I simply can not forgive: wittier.
It also includes pictures.
I feel bad inside.
Perhaps I will just link to theirs.


loud said...

Well, I gave up reading it because it's too long. I can't read about food for that long, I'd rather eat it. I like your shorter version anyway.

11frogs said...

I already link to them on my site, and I like reading them. But they usually don't order the stuff I would order and tend to like different things than I would. So, I think your, my, or anyone else's reviews on this site will be interesting and useful, as we're all looking for different things. Review away.

Unknown said...

Bah! I say, bah!

There's two of us and that allows the work to be a little more evenly spread, re: wittier. (Plus, I cannot tell you how many of my insular non-funny jokes Nichole has saved the world from.)

Otherwise, your commenters are right. We have recently become more verbose (through our own desire to communicate ideas that used to take us one-half the words) and we only order a limited portion of any menu. Hopefully, we can link to your reviews to widen everyone's overall view of any given place. So, please don't give up!

JM (of Eating in Madison A to Z)