Monday, October 29, 2007

Fall Fabulous Fun

We finally went corn maizin'! WOOT! I think we've tried for the past two years, but it never seemed to work out. This year, we weren't going to miss - all the right ingredients came together: beautiful day, fine friends, and a Yukon.

So we headed towards Monroe and went on a tour of the states.

I think Lucia got some better pictures...Lucia?

Monday, October 1, 2007

Madeline Island Review, cont.

Better late than never, I guess. To echo Loud: in summary, Madeline Island is utterly sublime. We spent another vacation dreaming up ways we could stay. Variations on the bed-and-breakfast theme won, with attached sustainable farm, catering and event services, art lessons and gallery, and, um, a cottage software development shop (?), of course.
Some highlights included:
  • The dude who randomly stopped his car directly in front of the camera when we were taking a group picture in front of the chicken shack/diner. Props to Rick for directing us to the best of Wisconsin roadside attractions. We hit this doozy of a giant, possessed loon on the way home.

  • As previously featured, we are good cooks. And good eaters.
  • The signs at Tom's Burned Down Bar. Another favorite ...

The sole lowlight:

Frankly Lucia's continuing domination of the beer-shotgunning circuit is getting a little stale. The rest of us don't even have a chance, as evidenced by her clear and nonchalant victory here. Followed by others thinking they may have, in fact one, won. Ah, well, at least the dog enjoyed it.